About Us

At Bond Street Teas we believe in providing our customers with luxury teas in a convenient way, to your door.

Tea in the UK has a great story to tell dating back to Queen Victoria and the Royal Charter given to the East India Company.

Given how much tea the UK population drink, we feel passionately that the experience should be as enjoyable as possible right from the selection and buying to the delivery and sheer delight of sipping your tea! To add to your enjoyment we have chosen to support and work with specially selected UK cottage and artisan partners to give your tea drinking experience just that little bit extra.  Our biscuits, chocolate, jams, marmalade and chutney are all sourced and made in the UK with the love and attention as if you were making them yourself at home.  You won’t find any of the things we sell in the large retailer outlets.

Our teas are sourced through responsible and ethical partners, with a duty of care to support and improve the lives of those working in the tea industry in less developed countries than the UK.  We donate a portion of our profits to the people mostly in need.



For general enquiries please e:mail us at: customercare@bondstreetteas.co.uk