Bond Street Teas

Bringing you fine tea from around the world

Drawing on nearly one hundred years of experience sourcing teas. Bond Street Teas are proud to supply traditional favourites such as English Breakfast and Earl Grey as well introduce you to other rare types and new blends, from India, China, Africa and other tea producing parts of the world.

Our tea comes in traditional brown paper pouches, and at 125g you tend to get more per pack than the normal 100g pouches offered by many of our competitors.



All of our tea is inspected by trained quality control managers, each with years of experience aimed at bringing you only the best quality teas.

We aim to supply our loose tea directly to you as soon as we receive them, thus ensuring their optimum freshness.

Our premium quality pyramid bags use the same large-leaf tea leaves to ensure a richer and fuller flavour (unlike most tea bags sold through supermarkets).


Since Queen Victoria set up the Royal Charter for the East India Company, tea rituals have become part of our everyday life. From English Breakfast Tea, to the rare First Flush Darjeeling from a tea garden hundreds of years old. Green Tea, Herbal Infusions and Fruit Teas, all of which have stories steeped in history.

Tapping into nearly 100 years of experience, this long heritage of tea ensures that we source only the best and most interesting teas for your enjoyment!


Fair Trade

All our tea is certified fair trade and we are proud to support any improvement to the lives of those working in the tea industry in less developed countries.